Industry-Leading File Sharing

Have you and your business grown frustrated with the limitations of Dropbox? Quatrix® by Maytech will meet your organisations security policies yet features ease and ready user adoption.Need convincing? We’ve compiled a handy table to help you compare!

The problem with Dropbox
Dropbox support options are limited
Doesn’t tell you where your data is or how it is transferred
Data integrity is compromised through deduplication algortithms
Can’t use your own, or the recipients keys to encrypt data
Doesn’t offer jurisdictional diversity
Can’t keep silos around files stored in Dropbox and other services like Facebook and Twitter
No reliability guarantee
Can't restore most deleted folders and files – only the last 10 deleted files available
No controls who views, downloads, edits or deletes folders and files once they have been shared
Doesn’t allow you to create secure public links
Doesn’t allow you to upload any size files from the web
Not HIPAA compliant. Not PCI Compliant
Can’t organise by groups, roles or access policies
Not possible to brand dropbox account
No detailed or granular auditing
Doesn’t allow you to prescribe password policies
How Quatrix helps
Quatrix is supported 24/7 by phone and email, speak to a human any time
Choose your own regional data centre
Quatrix storage is not de-duplicated
Quatrix offers watertight PGP encryption
Choose your location to comply with data residency obligations
Quatrix is unconnected to social platforms
Maytech’s high availability systems exceed industry standard uptime stats
Retain deleted files for as long as necessary in the Trash folder
Quatrix guarantees market-leading granular control features
Quatrix allows time limited and password protected sharing
Quatrix allows to upload files of any size
All products are HIPAA compliant. PCI compliant modules available
Quatrix is centrally administered with granular access policies
Quatrix is brandable
Quatrix provides detailed logging and audit trail
Quatrix helps you devise password policies