Optional Extras

When you use FTP-Stream, you can incorporate four optional modules to provide additional functionality or security to your cloud file transfers.


Set up notifications for uploads and downloads. Choose a folder to watch, as soon as a transfer session completes a message is sent with full details. You can set the message sender and recipients as well as tailor the body of the message.

This module also provides automated deletes. Setup rules so that files over X amount of days old in a watched folder are automatically deleted.

Video Streaming

Videos on FTP-Stream cloud files service can be downloaded or streamed for immediate preview across the world.

Virus Checking

An extra precaution. Virus checking allows you to scan uploaded files for viruses and other threats. Infected files are moved to a quarantine folder and an e-mail is sent to the address you specify.

Enhanced Security

Maximise security with extended authentication and encrypted transfers.