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Secure Messaging

What’s the problem?

Countless organisations rely on email to send and receive confidential information. However, it was not designed as a business tool with privacy and security in mind – and can make the businesses vulnerable to data loss and exploitation.

The Maytech Solution

Maytech’s Secure Messaging system Cirius safeguards email communications across an organisation. Users can track, control and secure messages and attachments wherever they are sent.

IT managers in regulated and nonregulated industries are able to protect and manage communications – without ever scrimping on speed or usability.

What are the benefits?

Secure Messaging, Encrypted Email

Users can enjoy real time message tracking and control, along with enhanced regulatory compliance and archiving capabilities. There is no complex installation required, it takes minutes to set up and is fully functional across all devices.

Cirius also enables users to request or provide legally valid e-signatures, and share large files directly from your existing email address without having to use potentially-unsafe consumer grade solutions.

Cirius Secure Messaging allows you to:

  • Simplify complex electronic communications, integrating seamlessly with secure email platforms (including Outlook, Office 365, and Gmail) and SSO environments (including OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0).
  • Address EU data protection, HIPAA, S-OX, GLBA, PCI and other technical security safeguard standards for secure and confidential transmission of messages and files.
  • Securely communicate and collaborate with fully functional mobile apps for most devices, including iOS, Android, and others.
  • Scale your needs simply, with no limits on how many users you can have and no need to set up elaborate hardware or software environments.
  • Access real-time notifications on all message activity.
  • Control messages, including the ability to completely recall emails, deciding whether messages can be replied to or forwarded, and setting extra password protection on individual messages.
  • Send large files (such as x-rays, blueprints, contracts, etc.) completely securely from within email, negating the need for any extra workflow and not exposing your data to potentially unsecure or untrackable file-sharing apps.
  • Securely request or provide legally valid e-signatures on documents and images right from an email message.
  • Comply with data jurisdiction requirements by letting you store your data in the region of your choice.
  • Prevent unauthorised or mistaken sharing of sensitive or prohibited content by working with any existing data leak prevention (DLP) engine and offering “intelligent content scanning” based on security policies.

Turn your email into the powerful secure information platform it should be.