Secure Communications, Simplified

Through advanced email encryption, message control and secure data transfer, Cirius Secure Messaging allows organisations to completely protect their internal and external communication.

With no complex installations required, users can simply share data without ever worrying about compliance issues or compromised activities.

  • Encrypted Email
    Say goodbye to your unprotected emails. Cirius Secure Messaging guarantees a secure communications environment by allowing users to send, receive and track corporate emails completely securely on any device. All emails are cryptographically hashed using the latest encryption techniques and delivered through secure cloud networks rather than over unsecured email.

  • Integration
    By integrating seamlessly with existing email platforms such as Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail, Cirius gets users up and running simply by accepting an email invitation. Cirius is also able to assimilate into your SSO environment and reduces workflow disruption by working with your DLP deployments and archiving systems.

  • Control
    Cirius offers an advanced control panel which manages features such as large files, requesting or providing e-signatures and managing your tracking and control options. Users can email via ForwardFreeze, ReplyFreeze, FYEO (for your eyes only) and have full secure message recall – even after emails have been opened.

  • Secure Messaging, Email Encryption
  • Branding
    Cirius seamlessly integrates with your organisation’s branding to maintain its integrity and authority.

  • Budget with Confidence
    Our single price subscription includes all of the solution’s features, plus new functionality that is updated quarterly.