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Our technology uses tokenization to greatly reduce the risks associated with large-scale data breaches.

It provides highly secure, PCI compliant, off-site storage for credit card details and other highly sensitive documents such as those covered by HIPAA in the US or GDPR in the EU.

Quatrix Vault® is an innovative solution developed to manage the secure storage of sensitive files. By encrypting the data using a split-key system, it becomes unreadable unless unlocked by the full key, completed by the owner on retrieval.

This powerful technique enables the secure, off-site storage of credit card details in accordance with PCI compliance, but can also be applied to files of any type or size, and can be fully integrated via an api into your existing systems.

The added layer of security means that each time a file is accessed, a new encryption key is generated. If any unusual activity is discovered (multiple requests, for example) then the system is locked until verification of authorization is provided, making data harvesting extremely difficult.

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Split-key tokenization – an overview:

1. Data aquisition

The record containing the sensitive data is submitted to Quatrix Vault.


Quatrix Vault replaces your data by a token.

3. Storage

The data is encrypted using a split token. The client-side token is returned.

4. Data retrieval

On submission of the client-side token the data can be retrieved.

5. Token replacement

The old token is invalidated, a new token is returned and must be presented for subsequent retrieval.

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