Our team can support and advise you with anything from the simple automations features included in our products to scripting files transfers, fully-featured orchestrations, API integrations or the use of integration platforms.

Data transfer automation solution

Product features

Automate simple functions such as the scheduled deletion of files, expiry of shared links, report generation or automated user management.

Orchestration and integrations

Develop your own custom data workflows for integration with existing enterprise systems using one of three options:

SFTP file transfer scripts

use .NET scripting or any other programming language to manage files and connect with third-party applications.

Client-side software

Maytech offers licenses for Coviant Diplomat MFT, which provides a simple and intuitive interface for orchestrating secure, compliant data workflows.

Maytech product APIs

Connect to our Quatrix API or FTP-Stream API to automate any file actions or site administration you would normally perform via the web interface.

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

Quickly and easily connect to other business systems using our Mulesoft Anypoint Connector for Quatrix.

Use our Zapier integration to rapidly connect systems for automated file sharing with Quatrix.

Contact us to discuss the optimal solutions based on your planned workflows.

Our products

Secure and compliant solution for sharing sensitive data
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Quatrix China
Fast and reliable transfers for files of any size into and out of China
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Quatrix Vault
Tokenization API for secure, remote storage of PCI customer data
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Quatrix Vault
Managed cloud archive for long term storage and infrequent retrieval
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