Secure File Sharing for Your Business

How safe is your organisation’s data? In the face of ever-sophisticated security threats, your IT department needs the very best business file sharing to send sensitive information securely.

Maytech’s enterprise file sharing solutions allow your organisation to send, receive and share data from across the globe – including China – without worrying about security breaches or vulnerabilities.

The most secure file sharing solution

When it comes to your data, we know that security is everything. Our secure file sharing products utilise a number of different techniques to ensure that your corporate file sharing is as safe as it possibly can be:

  • Advanced end-to-end encryption – keep your data protected at all times using secure HTTPS and SFTP protocols or an optional PGP module. Data is protected at rest with AES-256 bit encryption.
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  • Secure passwords – set rules within your organisation to maintain optimum password security, and enhance security with additional two factor authentication modules.
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  • Data residency – retain complete control over where your data is shared and stored, keeping you compliant with US, UK and international privacy laws.
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  • HIPAA compliance – ensure your organisation abides by HIPAA legislation by incorporating our secure file sharing products into compliant workflows.
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  • PCI-DSS compliance – attain PCI-DSS compliance by using our secure business file sharing products to transmit credit card information.
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  • ISO 27001 certified – work with a corporate file sharing expert that’s ISO 270001 certified and audited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).
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  • Pan Government accredited – share Official Sensitive government data with us, safe in the knowledge that our platforms are Pan Government accredited.
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  • Hourly backups – access amended, overwritten or deleted files from the last 28 days.

Highly usable file sharing solutions

Combining the user-friendly convenience of consumer file sharing platforms and the robust, dynamic mechanisms you’d expect from an enterprise-grade, multi-certification partner, our products are built to accommodate the demands of 21st-century business.

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