Introducing Quatrix connectors

Connect cloud storage and SFTP servers to Quatrix with ease using our point and click interface.

Once connectors are added they can be used in no-code automations to copy, move or sync files, appearing in a list of available endpoints during configuration.

You can add as many connections and rules as you need to build secure and robust workflows.

Quatrix connectors

Unlimited possibilities

With unlimited file transfers, automations and bandwidth, Quatrix automations are a powerful tool for building critical business data pipelines.

Your named account manager and our highly experienced customer success team work together to assist you in developing successful workflows for automation and answer any questions you have about the product.

We are also open to discussing specific requirements for connectors as part of our product roadmap.

Security & compliance

Our connectors are part of the secure Quatrix SaaS platform, which is managed by our team of security experts, so there is no maintenance or patching required.

We maintain regulatory compliance, so you don’t have to. Maytech is a certified ISO 27001 compliant and audited twice yearly by Lloyds Assurance. We also run regular pen testing and work to the highest standards of code development.

Security has been our focus since we were established in 2006, and is paramount to the continued success of our business.

Our products

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Tokenization API for secure, remote storage of PCI customer data
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Quatrix Vault
Managed cloud archive for long term storage and infrequent retrieval
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