Secure spaces for sensitive data

Project Folders allow you to create a secure, shared workspace in the cloud on the fly.

In just a few clicks, users can begin accessing files over SFTP or HTTPS using your own secure, branded cloud platform, provided by Quatrix®.

Granular and restrictive permissions for folders and subfolders enable close control of data, while the built in Quatrix compliance and audit features provide confidence in knowing who has access to it at all times.

Project Folders

Flexible structure and hierarchy

Folder configuration and hierarchy can be customized to your requirements.

For example, you might create a folder for incoming files which only external users have permission to upload files to, and another outgoing folder which only external users can list files in and download from.

Granular user and folder permissions

Granular permissions can be set for each folder and subfolder.

Below, you can see a list of all possible permissions, listed under “advanced” in Pro and Administrator accounts as part of the project folder creation process.

Create Project Folder

Jailed users

For the most restrictive access controls, Quatrix users can be assigned a Jailed User class, which provides access to specific Project Folders only, with no access to other Quatrix features.

We recommend using this for external users, to lock down their access, following the zero-trust security principle.

Secure Data Rooms

Quatrix’s Project Folder functionality enables the creation of virtual secure data rooms, for internal and external collaboration with named users.

Users can comment and tag files as well as co-edit using online collaboration features.

Project Folders FAQs

  • Do Project Folders work via SFTP?
  • Can you manage access permissions on both top-level folders and subfolders?

Yes, Project Folders can be used both via HTTPS web portal and SFTP.

Yes, different sets of permissions can be applied to any folder at any level.

  • Is your free trial limited in any way?
  • Do Project Folders allow collaboration in China?

You have access to the full product in our free 14 day trial, including Project Folders and 5 users to test it with.

Please let us know if you require any support or assistance, or would like to book a personalised demo.

Mainland China is notorious for slow file transfers and service outages due to “The Great Firewall”.

Our Quatrix China product has the same features and functionality as our Quatrix product, but provides reliable, fast and secure file sharing to and from mainland China.

Key security features of Quatrix

Physical security

Maytech’s SFTP servers are located at Tier 3, ISO 27001 certified facilities with strong physical and electronic security. They also have access logs, uninterruptible power supplies and fire suppression systems.


Maytech’s networks site behind stateful packet inspection firewalls. Only ports required for the provision of services are opened.

Operating systems

Quatrix® SFTP operates on Linux, widely accepted as the world’s most secure operating system. Our technical team ensures that security updates and patches are rapidly applied.

Customer access

Quatrix servers have restricted access via HTTPS and SFTP protocols, access is not enabled over SSH or telnet. After 15 minutes of inactivity all connections are terminated.


customers log in to the admin panel over HTTPS, which ensures traffic is always encrypted. Access to files is via SFTP, HTTPS or PGP. At rest, files are encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption.

Password policy

weak passwords are not permitted and 2-factor authentication can be forced for additional security.


customer accounts are allocated their own file systems and each login is jailed to their home folder with no visibility outside unless specifically provisioned by admin. Admins see the home folders of all of their users.

Granular permissions

granular control over access, file and folder permissions is provided for each user.

Data persistence and backups

Maytech provides a high-availability service with significant redundancy in all critical resources. Hourly snapshots (backups) are retained for 28 days. No permanent or incremental backups of customer data are kept and no persistent copies of customer data are created.

Audit reports

Quatrix provides interactive tracking of all file transfers. All file shares, uploads, downloads are easily available.

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