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Data transfer for financial organisations

Maytech works with global financial and banking brands to provide advanced, ultra-secure data transfer solutions in critical workflows.

In addition, we work with a number of well-known financial and banking brands to enable them to securely store, send and receive information to and from stakeholders and customers.

This enables our customers to share highly-valuable confidential information and financial documents with partners and customers around the world.

Enterprise packages for financial and banking companies

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What Maytech means for your finance organisation


allowing customers, shareholders and employees to send and receive important data faster than ever before.


guaranteeing industry-leading security when you’re sending and receiving critical data.


adhering to global financial security standards including ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS.


Rapidly share files of an unlimited size securely via our uncongested global network.

End-to-end Encryption

ensuring that valuable, personal data is completely secure.


helping you to keep tight control over how your organisation sends and receives data with advanced administration tools.

Branding & White Label

incorporating your brand into advanced file sharing capabilities for your systems, people and website.

A Level 2 FSQS Financial Services Accredited Supplier

Maytech is a certified supplier under the FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System). Supported by a growing number of banks, building societies, insurance companies and investment services, it aims to simplify the process of gathering information from third parties to prove compliance for regulators, internal policies and governance controls.

As an accredited FSQS supplier, Maytech is able to demonstrate that our global cloud file sharing solutions can readily be proven compliant out of the box, and we can support financial services organisations ongoing, throughout the compliance lifecycle.

Our products

Secure and compliant solution for sharing sensitive data
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Quatrix China
Fast and reliable transfers for files of any size into and out of China
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Quatrix Vault
Tokenization API for secure, remote storage of PCI customer data
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Quatrix Vault
Managed cloud archive for long term storage and infrequent retrieval
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