What’s the problem?

Data and large file transfer from China to North America or Europe can be slow and unreliable due to latency filtering at the international gateway (Great Firewall of China) and the congested cross-Pacific public internet.

Large data transfer and file sharing in China is also problematic due to slow data rates and stalled or broken connections. Therefore, reliable data transfer is hard to come by. Many file sharing services simply don’t work.

File Sharing to China

The Maytech solution to China file sharing

Quatrix® China is a China file sharing solution with packages optimised for fast file sharing with mainland China.

Our data centre in Taiwan has rapid international access as well as direct regional links and priority routing through the great firewall providing fast file sharing with mainland China using Web or SFTP.

Quatrix China provides reliable file sharing with all regions of the People’s Republic including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing.

With Quatrix China you can easily and securely acquire large data from suppliers in China or share large data with your partners from any global location.

What are the benefits to our China file sharing?

It’s all about speed, reliability and security. No more slow and stalled transfers over insecure networks, just fast, secure and flexible data transfer to China.

Quatrix China is up to 40x faster than other methods and there are no limits on file sizes.

Before, transferring a 50MB file direct to China would take several hours. With Quatrix China this can be accomplished in minutes.

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We had problems sending larger graphic files to our Chinese printers using several service providers. Our Customers experienced long upload times, often files would arrive with problems or the service was not available to our Chinese suppliers.

We then found Maytech who had exactly the process we needed. More than 4 years have passed and we’ve never had a problem with file transfers. Our service was easy to customise, uncomplicated to add to our web page and providing a secure login for our Customers was simple.

I would highly recommend Maytech as the best world class FTP provider out there.

— Peter DeVries, CEO – Supply Solutions Network

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