Brand your file sharing platform

Maytech products allow you to enjoy secure data sharing across the world – while still retaining the power of your own corporate brand.

Here’s how:

Dedicated IP and domain names

Maytech products have a fixed and permanent IP address. This enables you to set up a site address using your domain, for example Using a URL within your company domain ensures your file sharing space integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s web presence and increases confidence with your file sharing stakeholders.

White labelling

Brand your site with company logo, site name, message signature and corporate email disclaimer to ensure a professional look and feel. Our white label approach ensures that third party links don’t discredit your corporate image.

No need to register all your recipients

Your recipients don’t need to register their details in order to receive your files or send them back. So if you’re sending information to busy customers or suppliers they don’t need to remember hundreds of passwords!

Some examples of great branded sites

Widget data acquisition and upload forms look like a page on your website, or simply use your logo and brand design to make your file sharing solution look just like a page on your website.

See for yourself Maytech Marketing Repository: Login page and Settings page.

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