What’s the problem?

Inside the network, security is strong. But when sharing sensitive data outside of the network, organisations are vulnerable to data loss.

Sharing sensitive data whether with commercial partners, bankers, investors, suppliers, manufacturers or customers needs to happen in a secure and controlled way.

Security-conscious organisations recognise this and the risks posed by it to their reputation and commercial performance, choosing to implement specialist solutions to lock down and protect their data in transit.

Secure Data Rooms

The Maytech Project Folders solution

Maytech’s Project Folders provide a virtual “Secure Data Room” to closely control access and permissions for internal and external collaboration on sensitive data.

To do this, Administrators or Pro users can create a Project Folder and assign users to it with permissions to access, move, share or edit as required.

Assigning the Jailed User class to external parties means they can be limited to only see Project Folders, with no access to other Quatrix® features.

Benefits of Secure Data Rooms

Secure Data Rooms benefit from all of the features Quatrix offers, including a full audit trail and ability to enable SFTP for large data transfers and automated processes.

Individual users can be assigned permissions to both folders and subfolders within a Project Folder, providing flexible controls for sharing files with a specific group of users.

For example, external partners might only be able to upload files to an “incoming” folder and download files from an “outgoing” folder to which they have access.

This granular level of control creates a secure workspace with defined rules for named collaborators to work on files together securely no matter whether they are part of the organisation or an external third party.

How we’ve helped

Existing customers use Project Folders for a variety of different applications:

  • Receiving banking data from multiple automated external sources
  • Sharing security software updates with customers
  • Hosting medical regulatory documents for use by global partners
  • Communicating sensitive product details with manufacturing suppliers
  • Maintaining secure communication with legal and financial partners
  • Acquiring customer data via Quatrix Upload widgets and instantly sharing it with relevant teams internally
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