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Secure file sharing for business

Maytech supports hundreds of thousands of users across the globe. As a security-focussed platform which also offers speed, interoperability and built-in compliance, Quatrix is the ideal solution for managing your secure online file sharing requirements, whatever they are. To help you evaluate the services Maytech offers, we’ve used our extensive experience to put together a set of secure file sharing FAQs below, highlighting some of the key considerations in choosing a secure, enterprise-class file sharing solution.

Secure file sharing

Secure, enterprise file sharing FAQs

Maytech supports each and every new customer to meet their specific requirements, so we have plenty of experience working with diverse use-cases from industries as varied as government, pharma, manufacturing, finance, insurance, media and many more.

Below, we share some of the key considerations in choosing a secure file sharing company that matches your requirements:

  • What are the risks of uncontrolled file sharing?
  • Where does your data physically reside, and who processes it?
  • How easy is it to deploy and manage an enterprise-scale secure file sharing solution?
  • How easy is it for external users to upload and download files?
  • What restrictions and limits are in place?
  • How does pricing work for secure file sharing?

Uncontrolled file sharing happens when end users choose insecure email, free online file transfer solutions or consumer-grade services in a business setting. Each of these scenarios represents a potential security lapse which can lead to public embarrassment or loss of revenues. In severe cases it can lead to very large fines or even push a business into administration.

By implementing a user-friendly and secure file sharing platform users actually want to use, the risks associated with unsecure file sharing are dramatically reduced.

Users readily adopt and make use of Quatrix with minimal training, effectively mitigating the risks of insecure file sharing without interrupting day to day operations or requiring IT intervention.

“Data residency” is the jurisdiction under which your data exists. You want your data to be stored in a known jurisdiction so your organisation can be sure that they adhere to all relevant legal and regulatory compliance relating to that jurisdiction.

Quatrix allows users to select data residency at registration. Data is then stored in that location permanently, unless you let us know otherwise. It never goes to another location for processing, analysis or back up and you are fully in control of this at all times.

Having a turnkey SaaS solution which is simple and easy-to-use provides huge time savings for administrators and significant cost savings versus procuring, managing and supporting in-house infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

A service which minimises initial training and ongoing support requirements frees up IT staff to focus on other, more strategic and business-critical activities.

Maytech has placed an emphasis on making it easy to set up, roll out and manage our solutions. For example, most Quatrix users require little time to begin sending files securely, and a user guide is provided within the product. Administrators have the ability to upload user lists rather than setting each up one at a time and SSO integration is also available. These core features were driven by the needs of our users, which drive our continually evolving product development roadmap.

External file sharing is one of the biggest risks for IT personnel. Transferring data into and outside of an organisation’s own secure network means opening up access and providing external routes into your own secure environment.

By using a third-party file sharing platform, the risk of unauthorised access is reduced by minimizing the attack footprint. Stringent restrictions are put in place at the network edge and no access is available to internal systems and networks.

As a specialist secure file sharing solution, Quatrix offers advanced capabilities to upload files of any size quickly to your own secure environment. While SFTP and an online portal is available, data acquisition is also possible via a simple link request or via a website plugin containing an own-branded form. Once uploaded, files are scanned for viruses and stored in an encrypted state, away from your existing infrastructure.

You will often find limits on the largest file size which can be uploaded or the total bandwidth which can be consumed. These are artificial limits, like the “fair use” policy you might find in your home broadband contract.

For Quatrix, the only limit is the amount of storage available in your account. And while the provided amount of storage is sufficient for most of our customers, our flexible approach means this can be increased on request.

That said, we will always make sure we fully understand your specific use case and work with you to ensure you have enough storage for your ongoing requirements when you come on board.

Many larger players offer services to the general public as well as business customers and have huge marketing overheads and dividends from publicly floated stock to cover. This tends to be reflected in the price.

Other platforms focus on collaboration to encompass all file sharing and communication within an organisation, as opposed to being focussed primarily on file sharing. Again, these additional features are reflected in the price and security is often not the primary focus.

File sharing companies that specialise in security tend to offer either a base price plus usage costs, or like Quatrix, fixed, per-user pricing.

Where Quatrix differs is that we don’t keep the most requested security related features back for premium-price tiers. Instead, we offer the same product across all tiers, with scalable pricing that improves depending on the number of users. Bolt-ons such as additional storage or security and compliance modules are provided at additional cost for organisations requiring fewer users, reflecting the value of providing these services.

  • What central administration controls are provided?
  • What recognised and certified standards are in place for secure file sharing?
  • What organisations require secure file sharing?
  • What third-party integrations are offered?
  • Why does responsive customer service matter for secure file sharing?

Central administration is critical for secure file sharing. With many consumer-grade or peer-to-peer file sharing platforms you can’t be sure which users have access to what, what security measures are being adhered to, or whether users have enough storage or bandwidth for their specific requirements.

Central administration enables you to set and revoke user permissions, add users to groups, create distribution lists and control security and storage configurations with ease.

Quatrix has an easy-to-use administrative dashboard, detailed admin and user guides, and 24/7 support to assist with any queries you might have about using or managing the service.

For IT managers and executives who operate under extremely tight data security standards and must be able to prove that all partners maintain and adhere to these high standards, security standards compliance is a critical part of choosing the right partner for secure file sharing.

Maytech is compliant with the highest industry standards, including being ISO 27001 certified by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance, one of the leading business assurance companies in the world. Quatrix fully meets the standards for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and UK government OFFICIAL data classification which is 85% of government data.

Full details of all relevant compliance standards are published in our security and compliance statement, which is available on request.

Even if an organisation doesn’t have specialist requirements for secure file sharing, most organisations regularly share sensitive personal data such as C.V.s, payroll, marketing lists and customer details. However not every organisation realises the serious risks associated with this type of unsecured file sharing until it is too late.

Security can be even more critical for sensitive commercial data. Everything from tender documents to legal submissions, pitch data and trade secrets require the highest levels of security both at rest and in transit to avoid data leakage, fines or loss of revenue.

Quatrix provides managed secure file sharing for global corporations with large, distributed workforces as well as small security-conscious businesses. These organisations want the highest levels of security and compliance within a secure, flexible and easy-to-use file sharing solution. For more information on our typical cases see

While more traditional proprietary APIs are sometimes available, third-party “connectors” are growing in popularity, offering rapid development within trusted platforms. Data can be shared securely within existing systems and processes, while the actual storage of the data is both secure and transparent. For example, Quatrix can be connected to an existing application via Mulesoft where this is preferred over our existing API or direct, programmatic access via SFTP.

Other integrations include Microsoft Office, providing secure online viewing and editing of documents directly within Quatrix, and Outlook, providing the ability to share files directly within the mail client.

While there are many different ways of working with files in Quatrix, Maytech’s experienced team is on hand to advise customers on their specific use cases and provide the most appropriate solutions for their needs.

We know how important it is to deal with customers in a personal and attentive manner, rather than providing canned responses we aim to provide a professional, expert service to all customers.

Our customer support team works not only across new customer enquiries but the same team is also responsible for supporting you on an ongoing basis after you become a customer.

Our customers tell us they highly value this personal, responsive approach and we are delighted to receive positive feedback from new customers as well as in our annual customer feedback survey which goes to all existing customers.

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