Quatrix client-side agent

The Quatrix agent makes it easy to automate file exchange between on-premise networks and Quatrix in a secure and regulatory compliant manner.

Deploy no-code automation to copy, move and sync files using Quatrix’s centralised administration panel.

Designed in line with our security-first approach, all connections originate from the agent, including regular outbound polls over a secure, encrypted communication channel for collecting new automation rules.

Quatrix agent

How does it work?

The Quatrix agent makes it possible to manage file transfers on a network location where file transfer services aren’t readily available. Rather than installing a SFTP client install the agent.

As client-only software, it only ever initiates external connections for file transfers.

It polls the Quatrix service to retrieve new rules for automated actions, executing as instructed to initiate file copy, move, or sync actions as often as desired.

To update the automated rules running on a Quatrix agent, you simply edit the no-code rules on the centralised Quatrix management console and the new instructions are received the next time the agent polls for them.

Security and compliance as standard

The Quatrix agent is governed by the same security and regulatory compliance processes and standards maintained by Maytech for the whole Quatrix service.

All communication between the Quatrix agent and the Quatrix service is initiated by the client, so there is no server involved, and no need to enable incoming communications.

All communication, whether for configuration of automation rules or file operations is then encrypted with strong encryption in transit, and files when hosted in quatrix are encrypted at rest.

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