What’s the problem?

You need an upload facility on your website that allows you to acquire files. You need to get notified when uploads complete and you need files written to a logical folder structure. All with strong security, compliance and a detailed audit trail.

Secure Data Acquisition

The Maytech solution

A Quatrix® widget is a few lines of HTML that can be pasted into any web page building file transfer functionality right on your website. As well as providing an upload facility you can introduce form fields to capture any metadata relevant to the transaction.

How does it work?

Widget Functionality

The Customer Facing Form

Widgets are highly configurable to meet any interactive data acquisition need. Widgets can include any standard HTML form fields including:

  • Text inputs and textareas
  • Radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Option lists
  • Hidden fields

Fields may be set to optional or compulsory and can include Javascript validation.

Widgets are dynamic which means that fields can be generated or pre-populated from URL parameters and can include Javascript generated content.

Folder Organisation for Uploaded Files

Uploaded files are written to your Quatrix storage. Folders can be automatically created for uploaded files using values from form fields or any system value.

Upload Notifications

Email notifications (to one or many recipients) are triggered when an upload completes, the mail is composed of:

  • An optional text header
  • The list of files uploaded (with links to download)
  • The form data including data entered interactively or passed to hidden fields from URL parameters

Alternatively we can integrate with your CRM by making a SOAP or JSON call to your systems.

Confirmatory response mails

End users can receive a confirmation mail on completion of the upload. The recipient can be set to form field value.

Collecting uploaded files

Uploaded files can be downloaded interactively or in a batch process over SFTP and HTTPS.

PCI Compliance

Maytech is ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems) accredited by Lloyds Register QA. The Quatrix service hosted at EU and America is PCI-Compliant.

Control of data residency is compliance critical – data is stored at the data center of your choice, we never backup or otherwise replicate data outside of your chosen data center.

Full details are available on the Secure Data Acquisition Data Sheet.

How we’ve helped

Maytech customers deploy widgets in a range of business data flows, just a few examples:

  • Artwork and order detail acquisition for print order workflows
  • Credit card validation data
  • Membership applications and updates
  • Insurance claim photos and data
  • Competition submissions

Example widget

Fields are fully customisable to collect the data you require along with file uploads.

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