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Data transfer for technology companies

Maytech works with a number of leading technology companies to provide ultra-secure, efficient file sharing solutions.

With advanced end-to-end encryption techniques and granular administration controls, Maytech allows you to send, view and receive key files from clients, colleagues and stakeholders without ever worrying about security lapses or lost revenue.

Enterprise packages for technology companies

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What Maytech means for your technology company


ultra-secure file sharing to provide peace of mind your data is safe.


files sent across the world to clients and suppliers, fast.


Use Maytech solutions to send and receive files automatically as part of secure global workflows.

Version control

enable specific individuals to view and edit files over the cloud.


monitor users on your network and manage access to files with granular permissions.


maintain up to date compliance with global file sharing regulations.

Our products

Secure and compliant solution for sharing sensitive data
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Quatrix China
Fast and reliable transfers for files of any size into and out of China
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Quatrix Vault
Tokenization API for secure, remote storage of PCI customer data
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Quatrix Vault
Managed cloud archive for long term storage and infrequent retrieval
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Can we help with Secure File Sharing requirements?

Secure your data transfers with Quatrix

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