What’s the problem?

In-house data transfer is costly to run and maintain, administration heavy and often sits in ageing server estates that are expensive to refresh. Furthermore, it isn’t optimised for sharing data with external parties and rarely addresses the problem of global file sharing.

Global file sharing is increasingly important to today’s globalised businesses. However, it eats into precious internet bandwidth, impacting performance of other business critical services while opening WAN ports to external parties, which can be a security risk.

That’s why many look for alternatives for their FTP hosting.

SFTP Hosting

The Maytech SFTP solution

Replace your ageing, expensive in-house (S)FTP server infrastructure with a secure, compliant, global service delivered through the cloud, which hands you control of the data entering and leaving your organisation.

Maytech’s FTP-replacement hosting service is fully compliant with enterprise and international security standards and meets even the most stringent corporate information security policies. A perfect business SFTP storage solution.

What are the benefits to Maytech’s SFTP hosting service?

Maytech secure FTP file transfer products, combined with the appropriate use of a range of secure industry standard protocols, offer a secure environment with centralised control over data leaving your organisation. It meets enterprise compliance requirements, while providing the simplicity, flexibility and functionality demanded by business users.

Our multi-protocol (SFTP, HTTPS) cloud-based file hosting transfer platform is elegant and fast while being easy to implement, scale, and maintain. This data transfer service is cost-effective and releases resources to help you manage internal services and deliver on business critical needs.

As a result, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that all data transfer options are accommodated and that you are supported by a team 100% focused on data transfer service delivery.

How we’ve helped

Our existing customers enjoy flexible and scalable FTP replacement solutions across a range of use cases, from:

  • Small sensitive data files to huge challenging files
  • Fast local delivery to global distribution and the acquisition of data
  • Simple email form-based file sharing to complex SFTP solutions
  • Automated workflows that integrate into core systems

How does our SFTP hosting service work?

Quatrix® by Maytech provides SFTP hosting from a rapidly expanding set of regional data hubs in the USA, Europe, Taiwan and Australia. You can locate your site at your chosen hub for ultra-fast data acquisition and distribution.

Quatrix has a rich administration interface that provides granular controls over user permissions and folder access that means even the most complex information flows can be optimised. There are also options for comprehensive logging and tracking to ensure full auditing on your FTP replacement service.

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