Managed data archiving that dramatically reduces costs and simplifies administration

Quatrix Archive allows you to offload data from primary storage to a cost-effective, managed archiving solution.

Best for data which is accessed infrequently and kept for more than a year, pricing is based on the amount of storage required and frequency of access – annually, quarterly or monthly.

Unlike some other leading data archiving solutions, data is available for retrieval immediately as and when required.

Quatrix Archive

Key features of Quatrix Archive

Cost effective

Move data from your primary storage into Quatrix Archive and access it as and when the need arises, at a significantly reduced cost.

Centralised administration

User friendly, centralised administration controls provide a simple and easy to manage service with granular user permissions and access logs.

Highly secure

Archived data is encrypted in transit and at rest by AES 256 bit encryption and housed in Tier 3 data centers.

Instantly available

Unlike some data archiving solutions, your data is instantly available should you wish to access it.

Built-in compliance

Our storage is compliant with global standards including GDPR, CCPA and PCI-DSS. Maytech is ISO 27001 certified and audited twice a year by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, a leading global provider of accredited certification services.

Quatrix Archive FAQs

  • Are there any storage or file limits?
  • Do you offer end to end encryption?

No. We can handle unlimited amounts of data and files of any size, and keep it for as long as is required.

Yes. We offer PGP encryption should you wish to encrypt your data before storage, depending on the data you wish to store and the level of security you require.

  • How often can we access data?
  • Is it possible to store and preview videos?

As often as you like.

Much like other data archiving solutions, it’s designed for data which is to be accessed infrequently, so if you require regular or frequent access, we would recommend looking at our Quatrix product.

Yes. Not only can you store video data using Quatrix Archive, but it’s possible to view a preview of video files before retrieval.

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