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Fast, secure, hosted SFTP solutions

Maytech provides fast, flexible and secure file transfer solutions enabling you to send and receive files of any size, anywhere in the world.

Fast, because we send your files over an uncongested global network, and secure, because our services are approved and certified for use with government, medical and personal data.

Our SFTP hosting has an online management console to administer users, access usage logs and manage your files, putting you firmly in control of what’s being stored and shared by your users and systems.

SFTP hosting solution

Replacing internally managed SFTP systems

Our SFTP services often replace internal systems, removing the requirement to purchase, manage and support them with a fully managed and supported system. This reduces capital outlay, provides a high-quality service for users and reduces risk, especially at the edge of the network by opening fewer external inbound connections through your firewall.

SFTP file sharing automation

Automate file transfers over SFTP for machine to machine workflows using our reliable, secure and fast hosted service. Use .NET scripting or any other programming language to connect via a third-party application.

Send or receive sensitive documents including payroll, personally identifiable information, medical records or commercially sensitive papers automatically, without the need for manual intervention.

Enterprise software such as Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics can also be integrated to provide a seamless solution as a part of in-house infrastructure.

Retail customers such as Fatface, Ted Baker, Joules and many other fashion-sector retailers use Maytech to integrate back-office systems by exporting data and sending data securely between retail locations, back office and warehousing.

When the London Boroughs of Havering and Barking & Dagenham combined their business rates processing, Maytech, an approved government supplier, stepped in to provide a secure cloud file-sharing solution for the constant flow of data they required.

Secure API for SFTP + administration

For those users who wish to do more than simply manage files via SFTP applications, accessing our system via a secure API enables the management of users, quotas and folders, as well as any other action you would normally complete via our web interface. This includes interacting with files.

SSH secure key authentication for SFTP

Depending on your requirements, regular SFTP authentication based on usernames and passwords may be implemented through an administrative console, or SSH secure key authentication can be applied and tied to an application. Should you have any questions on how this works or what the best option is for you, our team of technical experts and client services specialists are on hand to assist you.

Restrict IP addresses

Prevent unauthorized access and lower the risk of attack by restricting user access to a specific IP address or a range of addresses.

With a couple of clicks within the Quatrix Administration, Admins are able to easily add, change, or remove IP address restrictions for the whole account. You set IP or IPs, so that users with these IP addresses only are allowed to sign in to Quatrix. Access outside the set array is denied.

SFTP file sharing FAQs

  • Where are files physically located?
  • How secure is Maytech’s SFTP solution?
  • Does Maytech have any access to the files transferred at any time?

You can choose data residency within the country of your choice, so you always know where your data is. Access is provided via a secure, uncongested global network, so you can always access your files at high speed.

Security is our number one priority across all of our products. As an ISO:27001 certified organisation we are committed to very high standards of data security.

From secure passwords, 2-factor authentication and full access logs to central administration, physical server security and strong encryption, your files have the best possible security at all times. More information can be found in the technical overview further down this page.

Maytech employees have no access to files stored on our service.

Only named senior individuals have access to files which requires a documented and logged process and is only completed with your express consent, should it ever be necessary.

  • How many SFTP accounts can Maytech support?
  • Do SFTP file transfers work to China?
  • Does Maytech’s SFTP solution work with modern FTP clients?

There is no maximum number of accounts.

We can provide licences and support for as many SFTP users as you require.

We work with a number of very large (and small) organisations in multiple countries and are confident we can comfortably support your requirements.

Our standard service doesn’t offer reliable, fast file sharing to China, however this is available via our Quatrix China product, which allows you to transfer files of any size to China both fast and reliably.

Maytech supports all major SFTP clients.

All details to log in to your online files can be found within each user account.

The account owner can manage SFTP access to files via an administrative login to set passwords and test connections, or our friendly, professional support team will be on hand to assist with getting users set up and using the service.

Key features of SFTP file sharing

Physical security

Maytech’s SFTP servers are located at Tier 3, ISO 27001 certified facilities with strong physical and electronic security. They also have, access logs, uninterruptible power supplies and fire suppression systems.


Maytech’s networks site behind stateful packet inspection firewalls. Only ports required for the provision of services are opened.

Operating systems

Quatrix® SFTP operates on Linux, widely accepted as the world’s most secure operating system. Our technical team ensures that security updates and patches are rapidly applied.

Customer access

Quatrix servers have restricted access via HTTPS and SFTP protocols, access is not enabled over SSH or telnet. After 15 minutes of inactivity all connections are terminated.


customers log in to the admin panel over HTTPS, which ensures traffic is always encrypted. Access to files is via SFTP, HTTPS or PGP. At rest, files are encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption.

Password policy

weak passwords are not permitted and 2-factor authentication can be forced for additional security.


customer accounts are allocated their own file systems and each login is jailed to their home folder with no visibility outside unless specifically provisioned by admin. Admins see the home folders of all of their users.

Granular permissions

granular control over access, file and folder permissions is provided for each user.

Data persistence and backups

Maytech provides a high-availability service with significant redundancy in all critical resources. Hourly snapshots (backups) are retained for 28 days. No permanent or incremental backups of customer data are kept and no persistent copies of customer data are created.

Audit reports

Quatrix provides interactive tracking of all file transfers. All file shares, uploads, downloads are easily available.

Maytech security solutions

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