No-code cloud automation with Quatrix

Quatrix provides powerful MFT features in a secure, regulatory compliant SaaS cloud platform.

SaaS means no more software patching, script maintenance or upgrades, just automate, set and forget.

Simply add as many connections and automations as you require using our easy-to-use, no-code interface.

Cloud managed file transfer

What can be automated with Quatrix

You can configure rules to schedule tasks as often as you like to, including the following actions:

  • Push and pull files between Quatrix and configured endpoints
  • Use pattern matching to copy, move, or sync specific files
  • Move files that are older than a specific date
  • Receive notifications about specific events

Scheduling file transfers

The Quatrix interface has an intuitive scheduler where you can define how often an automated file transfer should happen. Setting the frequency of how often to copy, move, or synchronise files is quick and simple.

Example: Using Quatrix to deliver payslips securely to external contractors.

We work with a major global publishing network who’s payroll software creates payslips that external contractors can’t access on internal systems.

They needed a way to automatically monitor for and collect generated payslips from their internal system, move them to external contractor accounts on Quatrix and notify them of their availability to download. Contractors then securely log in to Quatrix and download their payslips without risking data leaks or compliance issues.

All of these features are included in Quatrix, and can be configured with the minimum of effort once appropriate access is provided.

Managed File Transfer
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