What we do

Maytech’s secure cloud data transfer and online file storage platform helps companies centralise and control file sharing from anywhere.

How we do it

Our products feature enhanced security and compliance with full audit trails and are customisable for manual or automated workflows.

Why choose us

We’re ISO 27001 certified and trusted by leading global companies. Our dedicated team will work with you and support you 24/7.

Why companies use Maytech for secure file transfer

Security is a key benefit. With some other data transfer services you don’t know where your content is going, who has your files or how long they will stay up there.

Leon Bentham,
Head of IT at JKR

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A real draw for Top Right Group was Maytech’s ability to move millions of files between geographical locations quickly and securely.

Ian Caldwell,
Head of Technical Delivery at Top Right Group

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Swapping to Maytech has been a no-brainer. It’s given us a reliable and secure corporate file transfer solution that our customers can trust and our competitors don’t know about.

Craig Bennett,
Marketing Manager at ID&C

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Want to send, receive and share critical files across the world, fast?

Our dedicated secure file sharing infrastructure ensures that your company can enjoy accelerated global data transfer, safely and securely, whenever you need. Maytech's enterprise secure cloud file transfer platform is used in mission critical workflows by some of the world’s leading organisations.

At Maytech we take security seriously. All of our file sharing products feature central administrative controls, full audit trail and end-to-end encryption and comply with international standards including HIPAA guidelines, PCI-DSS, EU Data Protection, SAS 70 and ISO 27001.

Fast, Safe File Transfer to China

Maytech helps you transfer files fast across the world – including to hard to reach, unreliable areas like China. With our twin hub architecture based in Hong Kong and a region local to you, you can enjoy fast and reliable HTTP(S) (web), FTP(S) and SFTP data transfer to China without worrying about latency, the great firewall or slow public internet speeds.