Central administration

All the controls required to configure and manage your file sharing, presented in an easy to use administrative dashboard.

Our team is on hand to assist with any questions you have and to support you in setting up and using our systems.

Simple access controls

Take control of your company’s file sharing infrastructure. At Maytech, our file-sharing networks allow for detailed management of user provisioning and access to your site via SFTP, FTP(S) or HTTP(S).

You can set up shared folders for project teams, selectively granting rights such as upload, download, delete, overwrite, and more.

In addition to dedicated private logins, Maytech also allows you to enable Public access folders and make files available for general download – for example brochures, PDFs, price lists, policy documents, tender documents, specifications, manuals and brand guidelines.

Tracking & accountability

Maytech allows for comprehensive levels of accountability – ensuring that you can roll out data sharing programs across your organisation without worrying about security breaches or losing control. Our comprehensive logging, tracking and reporting solutions allow you to enjoy a full audit trail including interactive logs or exports to a spreadsheet for off-site analysis.

Automate your team’s audit trail

The automated audit trail provides a comprehensive dashboard of critical information on what is happening with your team’s files inside and outside your organisation. By routinely producing and emailing an overview of shared, requested, and revoked files, the automated audit trail enables you to monitor your team’s file uploads, downloads, moves, and deletions on a regular basis with no need to compose stats by hand.

Once you’ve set your audit trail reports, you can receive daily, weekly, or monthly updates on how your organisation’s files are shared. You can adjust the automated audit trail reports in “Automations” or via “Activity Log”.

Single sign on / ADFS integrations

Enhance security for business and improve convenience for users by reducing the number of corporate passwords required. Sign in to your Quatrix accounts using existing corporate Active Directory credentials or any other identity provider (i.e. Duo, Okta, OneLogin, etc.).

Read the blog post SSO / ADFS integrations for better security and corporate data protection for more information on how to set up SSO / ADFS for your Quatrix account.

Simplify user management with groups

When you have large numbers of users to manage it makes sense to use groups. Groups provide a more convenient way to manage users. Grouping gives administrators the ability to assign specific privileges at the group level, thereby controlling access at the group level, and presents the members of the group with only the tools and permissions necessary to perform specific tasks.

There are many reasons for wanting to segment users into manageable groups. Providing some separation between internal lines of business or departments, creating groups for special projects, delegating administration, or creating groups to hold external partner accounts are just a few common reasons.

Read the blog post Introducing Quatrix Groups to learn more about how using groups might benefit you.

Feature requests

Don’t see a feature you require? Talk to our dedicated support team who will be happy to discuss how we can help.

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