Quatrix automation overview

In addition to an API and IPaaS connectors, Quatrix has an automation module that provides powerful Managed File Transfer (MFT) features.

Rules can be created in an easy-to-use, no-code web interface with pattern matching, renaming and follow-on actions to create complex, robust workflows with no need to rely on scripts or maintain servers or licensing agreements.

Copy, move and sync files between Quatrix and any cloud and on-premises systems by combining our cloud, SFTP connectors and on-premises client software agent.

Managed file transfer (MFT)

Once your systems are connected to Quatrix, you can begin to create workflows to copy, move and sync files using our easy to use, no-code web interface. Find out more >

Quatrix connectors

Quatrix provides a wide range of third party connectors. To use a specific connector, simply choose it from the list provided and add the relevant credentials. Once added, it will appear as an endpoint for creating new automated workflows. Find out more >


Quatrix agent (on premises)

To add connections to on-premises, self-managed servers you will need to install our software client. It creates outgoing connections only and will poll for instructions from Quatrix to initiate secure file transfer actions based on centralised configurations. Find out more >


For custom software applications, Quatrix offers its functionality through an API and maintains connectors with Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) tools such as Mulesoft and Zapier. Find out more >

User lifecycle management

Deploying Quatrix is as easy as adding users, uploading a list or configuring SSO. Once up and running, you can manage inactive users and contacts for security and compliance purposes, as well as cost efficiency. Find out more >

Our products

Secure and compliant solution for sharing sensitive data
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Fast and reliable transfers for files of any size into and out of China
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Quatrix Vault
Tokenization API for secure, remote storage of PCI customer data
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Quatrix Vault
Managed cloud archive for long term storage and infrequent retrieval
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