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Using Quatrix for HIPAA compliant file transfers

Quatrix® is our file transfer solution for businesses and public services which can be incorporated into a secure, HIPAA compliant workflow.

Maytech currently works with a range of Pharmaceutical, Medical and Healthcare-related customers to securely transfer the private and sensitive data contained within medical records.

HIPPA compliance statement

HIPAA Healthcare image

Key Quatrix features for HIPAA compliant customers

  • Send, receive, store and manage files securely from inside and outside your organisation.
  • Fully audited workflows mean that all file access is logged.
  • Increased security with strong passwords and 2-factor authentication.
  • Straightforward and easy for customers and business partners to use in a secure manner.
  • Integrates with Outlook to keep data out of mail servers where copies may reside.
  • Data residency in a location of your choice – your data never leaves your specified HIPAA compliant data centre.
  • Unlimited file sizes and integrated SFTP for reliable transfer of very large medical files such as scans, x-rays and medical histories.
  • Automated workflows via our secure API and built-in automations for notifications or automatic transfer or deletion of files.

HIPAA file sharing FAQs

  • Is Maytech a HIPAA Covered Entity or Business Associate?
  • Do you operate HIPAA compliant data centres?
  • How much does HIPAA compliant file sharing cost?
  • Can Maytech assist with setting up the service?

Maytech is a Business Associate and provide secure file sharing and storage services that help HIPAA Covered Entities meet the stringent compliance requirements of HIPAA.

We will sign a Business Associate Agreement with you.

All of our data centres are HIPAA compliant, including those in the US. We take security very seriously, and typically go above and beyond what is required. Our data centres are ISO 27001 certified and have the relevant SOC accreditations which are available on request.

HIPAA compliant file sharing is included as standard in all of our secure file-sharing packages, there is no additional cost.

Maytech’s 24/7 support will help you to get the best out of our service and answer any questions you might have. Plus you get a dedicated account manager once you set up a trial.

We can also work through any specific requirements you have, and support you in the process of commissioning Quatrix file sharing within your organisation.

Once up and running, we can also help users of the product if required.

  • We have some other specific requirements. Can you help?
  • What if we have very large files to send?
  • Do you offer an international service?

It’s best to talk to us about your specific requirements, that way we can ensure the setup and configuration is optimised for your intended workflow. We are more than happy to develop our service to meet the need of our customers, so just let our team know what you require and we will consider it.

Very large files are no problem. Many of our customers transfer 100’s of Gigabytes of data at a time.

We have presence in the UK, US, Mainland Europe and Australia, and data centres around the globe. Our support is 24/7 too, so whichever time zone you are working in we will be on hand to support you.

For HIPAA, you have total control over your data, which can be shared internationally from your chosen data centre.

Key features

Physical security

Maytech facilities are located at Tier 3, ISO 27001 certified data centres which benefit from strong physical and electronic security, access logs, uninterruptible power and fire suppressant systems.


Maytech’s networks are protected by a stateful packet inspection firewalls. All ports, other than those required for the provision of service are closed.

Operating systems

Quatrix runs on Linux, widely accepted as the world’s most secure operating system. Updates and security patches are applied regularly.

Customer access

access to Quatrix servers is restricted to HTTPS and SFTP protocols, we do not offer access over SSH or telnet. All sessions are automatically terminated after fifteen minutes inactivity.


customers log in to the admin panel over HTTPS, ensuring that traffic is therefore always encrypted. We provide cloud files’ access using SFTP or HTTPS.

Password policy

your users cannot use weak passwords. Enforce two-factor authentication for additional security.


each customer account operates in a discrete file system and each login is jailed to their home folder with no visibility outside unless specifically provisioned by admin. Admins can see home folders of all their users.

Granular permissions

Quatrix offers detailed control over access, file and folder permissions for each user.

Data persistence and backups

Maytech provides a high-availability service with significant redundancy in all critical resources. Hourly snapshots (backups) are retained for 28 days. We do not keep permanent or incremental backups of customer data and there are no persistent copies of customer data.

Audit reports

Quatrix provides interactive tracking of all file transfers. All file shares, uploads, downloads, etc. are easily available.

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