Global Acceleration

Fast Global Infrastructure

With a number of Tier 3 data centres in Europe, the USA, Taiwan and Australia, Maytech possesses an unrivalled data sharing infrastructure – allowing you to send and receive files at high speeds, wherever you are.

Our network is relied on by both small enterprises and global organisations to securely distribute and store essential information across the globe. When you use Maytech, your data is stored at a location that’s suitable for you, and can be moved to any other hub at your request.

China - fast and reliable secure file transfers

File exchange with China over the public internet is slow and unreliable. Maytech provides fast, reliable and secure file transfers via our proprietary technology which accelerates file transfers by up to 40x.

One well known manufacturer switched to Maytech and cut the time spent sending large files to China from 24 hours to just 2. Find out more about our fast file transfer to China.

Unlimited large file transfers

Quatrix® by Maytech provides secure cloud storage without any file size limits, or bandwidth charges and includes unlimited file transfers. Transfer files of any size securely to anywhere in the world using HTTPS. Find out more about our big data transfers.