Data Transfer for Healthcare Organisations

Maytech’s secure cloud file transfer platforms are used in managing mission critical workflows by the healthcare industry worldwide to exchange sensitive information. From confidential patient records to genome and pathology data, we work with healthcare providers, laboratories, analysts and patients to send and receive critical data when it’s needed the most.

Customers such as Novartis and the Idaho Hospital Association rely on Maytech for file sharing compliant with HIPAA regulation and EU Data Protection underpinned by ISO 27001 certification of our security management systems.

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How Maytech Helps Healthcare Companies

  • Encryption – files encrypted to maintain patient confidentiality and enhance security
  • Compliance – data shared in keeping with global regulations including HIPAA
  • Security – essential patient information sent, received and stored completely securely
  • Speed – the ability to send data rapidly when lives and treatments depend on it
  • Connectivity – enabling nurses, doctors, researchers and managers to share data securely and easily
  • Worldwide transfer – sending essential information from global locations
  • Control – allowing you to monitor and regulate data usage across your network

Some of our Healthcare Customers

File Sharing Products for Healthcare Companies

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Send critical medical data completely securely in just a few steps. Quatrix® is used by IT departments of healthcare companies to enable fast, secure and compliant data sharing.

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Quatrix China
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Advanced data sharing solutions for your healthcare organisation. Quatrix China helps you to securely send unlimited amounts of medical data up to 40x faster than with public internet.

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Maytech Plans

Subscription Plans and Enterprise Licences are available for healthcare companies across all products.

Subscription Plans Enterprise Licences
Penetration Testing Additional module As standard
Premium Care Additional module As standard
Consultation & Training Additional module As standard
Pricing Fixed up to 1 year Fixed up to 3 years
Contract Standard terms and conditions Bespoke contract
Vendor Management Not included As standard
Account Management Team of account managers As standard
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