Data Transfer for Legal Organisations

Maytech is used by leading law companies across the world to send legal documents online, completely safely.

Our ultra-secure file sharing technology is used by solicitors and legal professionals to send personal, highly-sensitive information without ever worrying about security breaches or lost information. Leading levels of end-to-end encryption and in-depth administration controls ensures that personal client and case information is kept safe at all times.

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How Maytech Helps Legal Companies

  • Encryption – files encrypted to maintain patient confidentiality and enhance security
  • Compliance – data shared in keeping with global regulations including HIPAA
  • Security – essential information sent, received and stored completely securely
  • Speed – the ability to send data rapidly
  • Connectivity – enabling solicitors, lawyers and other legal professionals to share data securely and easily
  • Worldwide transfer – exchange essential information between global locations
  • Control – allowing you to monitor and regulate data usage across your network

In Practice - Legal Case Study

Peters & Peters - Finally, a Data Transfer Solution with Security, Speed and Simplicity!

We wanted to be able to offer the easiest-possible solution which put control in the hands of end-users here, it’s just simple because it’s basically like sending an email but there’s a lot of security and tracking behind it too.

Brian McDonald, IT Manager at Peters & Peters

Some of our Legal Customers

File Sharing Products for Legal Companies

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Send critical data completely securely in just a few steps. Quatrix® is used by IT departments of Legal companies to enable fast, secure and compliant data sharing.

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Quatrix China
Reliable file transfer to & from China Find out more Start my FREE trial

Advanced data sharing solutions for your Legal organisation. Quatrix China helps you to securely send unlimited amounts of data up to 40x faster than with public internet.

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Maytech Plans

Subscription Plans and Enterprise Licences are available for legal companies across all products.

Subscription Plans Enterprise Licences
Penetration Testing Additional module As standard
Premium Care Additional module As standard
Consultation & Training Additional module As standard
Pricing Fixed up to 1 year Fixed up to 3 years
Contract Standard terms and conditions Bespoke contract
Vendor Management Not included As standard
Account Management Team of account managers As standard
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