Data Transfer for Manufacturers

Maytech is used by manufacturing companies across the world for the quick, accurate and completely secure transfer of important design files (i.e. CAD drawings) to clients across the world. With Maytech, you can send product designs and essential manufacturing information from designers to industrial areas across the world with no file size limits.

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How Maytech Can Help Your Manufacturing Company

  • Speed – data transfer up to 40x faster than regular internet
  • Security – send and receive patented files without worrying about security breaches
  • Encryption – all files sent encrypted with the latest methods for optimum safety
  • No limits – send or receive as many files as you want
  • No geographical restrictions – transfer files from hard to reach locations including China
  • Control – decide who can receive, send and view files in your organisation
  • Version control – allow key contacts to view and amend information over your network

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Some of our Manufacturing Customers

File Sharing Products for Manufacturing Companies

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A reliable, secure and simple way to send important files. Quatrix® offers easy administration access and allows for branded integration onto your website.

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Quatrix China
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Transfer unlimited amounts of data completely securely. Quatrix China is a global file sharing platform that allows you to send huge files across the world, fast.

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Maytech Plans

Subscription Plans and Enterprise Licences are available for manufacturing companies across all products.

Subscription Plans Enterprise Licences
Penetration Testing Additional module As standard
Premium Care Additional module As standard
Consultation & Training Additional module As standard
Pricing Fixed up to 1 year Fixed up to 3 years
Contract Standard terms and conditions Bespoke contract
Vendor Management Not included As standard
Account Management Team of account managers As standard
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