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Professional File Sharing

What’s the problem?

With the rise in consumer-based file sharing devices such as DropBox and WeTransfer, IT departments need to gain control over self-provisioned file sharing services that are putting corporate data at risk in thousands of 'unknown' personal accounts.

The problem can also lead to considerable network speed degradation. In order to regain control IT departments need tools to build a comprehensive InfoSec policy with file sharing that users are comfortable working with.

The Maytech Solution

Secure File Sharing Solutions

Quatrix® by Maytech is a corporate, secure file sharing platform that is easy to use, roll and manage. We aim to delight users while enabling IT departments to stamp out unsanctioned consumer file sharing services.

What are the benefits?

IT heads can easily comply with data security and compliance standards and adhere to corporate data protection and information security policies – essential in today’s world. Quatrix has simple administration, easy roll out, easy setup and guaranteed user take up with enterprise-level security standards.