Fast File Transfer

Maytech's file sharing solutions can be deployed to address specific data transfer requirements and are customised to deal with complex corporate information.

We help businesses develop comprehensive corporate governance strategies and information security policies through managed file transfer solutions. The platform architecture we use is extensible and can accommodate all internal and external file sharing activity and data transfer under one secure provider.

Maytech's local and global data infrastructure also addresses data residency concerns by providing transparency on where data is stored. All data transfer is conducted through industry-standard secure transfer protocols SFTP and HTTPS.

fast file transfer

SFTP Hosting

Looking to free up IT resources, lower operational and capital costs and increase productivity? Our secure managed SFTP hosting service allows you to quickly transfer large data files locally and globally – including to destinations such as China, the Middle East and Australia.

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Professional File Sharing

Consumer-grade services such as Hightail, WeTransfer or Dropbox lack central administrative controls and comprehensive audit trails causing IT headaches. Maytech deploy sophisticated data security measures to give your organisation greater control and allow you greater peace of mind.

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File Sharing to China

If you need reliable and fast large file exchange to and from China when many lesser services simply don’t work, we can help. Our managed file transfer solutions accelerate data delivery by up to 40 times compared with direct downloads from the US or Europe.

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PCI Compliant Data Transfer

Businesses accepting credit cards must store, process and transmit the information securely through a PCI compliant network. Let Maytech help you meet and exceed your PCI compliant data transfer requirements against global privacy and security standards, including PCI and HIPAA. We test these daily with McAfee Secure.

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Large File Transfer

Our managed platform boasts the most competitive data transfer rates for challenging files or data delivery of any cloud provider. Whether your project involves HD movie transfer, huge social data analytics profiling or broadcast news, our proprietary technology makes for uploads and downloads that are always local and fast.

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Data Acquisition

Bring a new efficiency to data acquisition. Whether you need secure solutions for automated workflows or specialised interactive data collection, our software empowers you to implement fast, ultra-secure practices within your organisation.

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