Data Transfer for Print Companies

Maytech specialises in providing simple, speedy file transfer solutions to enable printing companies to send and receive important files, quickly.

Whether you’re working with thousands of files or substantial single items, we can help you to send and receive unlimited amounts of data with clients across the world. Terabytes sent and received without worrying about security leaks or broken timeframes.

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How Maytech Can Help Your Print Company

  • Security – files protected against hacks or breaches
  • Integration – data synced to existing systems and widgets available to embed into your website
  • Simplicity – technology that allows untrained clients to send and receive files easily
  • Efficiency – files sent up to 40x faster than some public internet
  • Controllability – take charge of who can see, send and download important files across your organisation
  • Compliance – share files completely legally

In Practice – Print Case Study

Exhibitree - Collecting Customers Data is a Cinch with Maytech

Since we started using Maytech we haven’t had any problems with clients trying to get files uploaded. We don’t have to waste time taking people through a process step-by-step, and it has provided us an easy way to send files to clients.

Jodi, Creative Director at Exhibitree

Some of our Print Customers

File Sharing Products for Print Companies

Professional, secure, easy-to-use file sharing Find out more Start my FREE trial

Send and receive important design files to clients across the world simply and easily. Quatrix® is an adaptable file sharing solution that’s perfect for smaller printers.

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Quatrix China
Reliable file transfer to & from China Find out more Start my FREE trial

Share critical data across the world, including China, and stay completely secure at all times. Quatrix China allows you to send design files up to 40x faster than regular internet.

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Maytech Plans

Subscription Plans and Enterprise Licences are available for print companies across all products.

Subscription Plans Enterprise Licences
Penetration Testing Additional module As standard
Premium Care Additional module As standard
Consultation & Training Additional module As standard
Pricing Fixed up to 1 year Fixed up to 3 years
Contract Standard terms and conditions Bespoke contract
Vendor Management Not included As standard
Account Management Team of account managers As standard
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