FTP-Stream & FTP-Stream China

FTP-Stream and FTP-Stream China, established in 2006, are widely-used, fully supported and actively developed parts of our product family, continuing to offer the service and experience our customers have come to expect.

In 2015 we launched Quatrix, a new secure file sharing application built from the ground up to offer a completely new user interface and API, which has been offered to new customers from July 2017.

There are no plans to stop or reduce support for our FTP-Stream products. In fact, they are undergoing a user interface refresh in 2018 to upgrade the user experience for existing customers.

This is part of our continuing commitment to maintain and develop both FTP-Stream and FTP-Stream China as core products.

Existing FTP-Stream customers should contact your account manager, who will be happy to assist with any existing customer enquiries. For new enquiries about FTP-Stream or FTP-Stream China, please contact our sales team.

For new customers interested in trialling Quatrix, we welcome you to take our 14-day free trial, buy now or contact our sales team directly on the number above.

We are used by companies spanning over 60 industries and 35 countries

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