Quatrix Vault

Information security is a major concern for business across all industries. Data breaches are on the rise and business, now, more than ever, need to ensure appropriate steps are taken to protect their data. Maytech address this alarming trend with Quatrix Vault®.

Quatrix Vault is a secure data storage solution that integrates seamlessly with your platform via an API and utilises tokenisation to store sensitive business data off site and away from your network.

Tokenisation is the process of replacing data with a randomly generated number called a token. Widely used in the Payment Card Industry, tokenisation extends now to protecting medical records in healthcare, privileged information in legal advice, stock trading in finance, voter registration or vehicle driver information in the public sector, personally identifiable information or any sensitive business information.

Quatrix Vault records are protected by a split token, data can never be retrieved or decrypted without presentation of the matching token. Quatrix Vault is, therefore, a robust way to minimize risks of a data breach and enhance security of your most sensitive data. Isolating your data in the Vault gives your business additional security assurance and reduces related risks and costs.

How does it work?

Step 1

The record containing the sensitive data is submitted to Quatrix Vault

Step 2

The data is encrypted using a split token. The client-side token is returned

Step 3

On submission of the client-side token the data can be retrieved

Step 4

The old token is invalidated a new token is returned and must be presented for subsequent retrieval

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What are the benefits?

  • Secure data – avoid unauthorised access to data in the event your network is compromised
  • Reduce risk – all sensitive data is stored by Maytech
  • Simple integration – integrates easily with your existing platform and workflow
quatrix vault benefits

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