Prevent damaging data leaks with secure, segregated file sharing

Improve security and compliance with Quatrix by Maytech, a solution for sharing sensitive data with partners.

Prevent data leaks
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Address security gaps in general-purpose file sharing platforms

  • Prevent accidental leaks

    Provide access to data in one place on one secure segregated platform

  • Address shadow IT

    Avoid users bypassing IT governance with insecure third party platforms

  • Take control of your data

    Share sensitive data externally with third parties in an environment you own

Security gaps

Simplify administration on a segregated, standalone platform

  • Maintain firewall integrity

    External users are kept outside the network perimeter, with no internal access

  • Implement zero-trust

    Granular, zero-trust user access controls to avoid inappropriate access

  • Proven user adoption

    An easy to deploy, use and manage platform used by 400,000+ users worldwide

Security gaps

Prove to your board and auditors that sensitive data is protected

  • Centralise governance

    Mandate governance controls from centralised administration console

  • Mandatory auditing

    Keep track of data entering or leaving your network with a full audit trail

  • Introduce certainty

    Keep track of who has access to sensitive data at any one time

Data protected
Automated file sharing

Automated file sharing

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