Just how can Managed File Transfer (MFT) tools reduce costs and increase operational efficiency for your business?

With the number of data breaches that occur rising year on year (reaching a total change of over 1000% from 2005-2022), it’s never been more important to protect your data while it’s both at rest and in transit. 

MFT tools offer you the ability to strike a unique balance between regulatory compliance, security, and efficiency. 

Below, we’re looking at just some of the ways that implementing a quality MFT platform can help transform your business. 

How does MFT enable greater operational visibility?

MFT was designed to secure, control and ensure compliance for file transfers. Eliminating much of the guesswork that surrounds traditional file-sharing processes, this centralised platform allows users to gain an overview of all file transfers. 

By doing so, users can realise new avenues to increase productivity and efficiency company-wide. MFT tools can help identify where processes and workflows are either repeated, inefficient, or redundant. By streamlining these, companies can give back valuable resource to their teams. 

The introduction of automation tools

MFT tools come complete with automated capabilities – the next step in streamlining processes. 

These tools allow you to automate both traditionally time-intensive manual tasks and smaller tasks that must be completed multiple times a day. Deleting old files, responding to predetermined events, and performing regular backups are all examples of this in action. 

Regular security checks mitigate risk while enabling peace of mind for security teams.

MFT solutions and reducing costs

Reducing the possibility of lengthy delays due to manual processes and mitigating potential risks, MFT tools can deliver the visibility and abilities to introduce innovative new ways to streamline activity within your business, reducing operational costs in the process.

At a time when data breaches cost businesses a global average of £3.45M in 2022, MFT tools can protect your company from costly fines and other consequences. This isn’t the only unwanted cost that MFT tools can help prevent. 

Research shows that one of the most detrimental costs to enterprises that occur because of data-based challenges stems from a loss of consumer loyalty. Customers are less likely to place their trust in enterprises that have previously failed to protect their sensitive and personal data, leading to a potentially long-term loss of both customer base and growth.

Above all, this MFT solution brings with it valuable peace of mind for your security, legal, compliance, and technology departments. We recently covered this aspect of MFT in more detail in our free eBook.

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A scalable, cloud-based solution

Traditionally, growing data volumes can make it difficult to maintain controlled file-sharing processes – making quality control, maintenance, compliance, and universal processes challenging to manage. 

Cloud-based MFT tools support your company as it grows, enabling a scalable, more cost-efficient solution when compared to traditional on-premises tools. Harnessing the benefits of a cloud-based solution, these tools offer almost unlimited capacity to ensure that your data remains protected while removing the challenges associated with growing volumes. Maintenance, quality control, access management, and other data governance practices are all enhanced with a centralised approach.

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Quatrix is ourcloud-native platform, used by leading organisations worldwide across diverse sectors and industries. Offering centralised management,, it’s designed to meet ongoing security best practice and regulatory compliance. 

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