Secure cloud platform for automating third party file transfers

Quatrix provides a managed, compliant service for automated data transfer in the cloud.

Automation for Enterprise
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As a true cloud offering you get all of the things you might expect from a SaaS

  • No servers to manage, no patching of the application

  • Peace of mind high availability service

  • Pay as you go and longer term subscriptions available

Replace legacy scripts

Acquire and host data externally

  • Cloud SFTP

    Send and receive files using our hosted SFTP service with a secure audit trail and centralised administration


    Orchestrate data transfers and manipulate files using a fully documented REST API

  • Secure web forms

    Create bespoke web forms to collect and control incoming data and metadata

Host data externally

Automate manual processes

  • Reduce human error

    It’s the number one source of data breaches today. Automation reduces the chance of inadvertent data leaks due to human error

  • Build resilient workflows

    Set and forget workflows using your preferred automation methods – script in your preferred language or using a REST API

  • IPAAS integration

    Use IPAAS (Integration Platform as a Service) platforms Mulesoft or Zapier to build automated workflows using Quatrix

Replace legacy scripts

Address compliance, security and risk

  • Enterprise security

    Secure cloud hosting focuses on security so that you can focus on building secure pipelines and workflows

  • Instant compliance

    Fully managed service is hosted in data centres with state of the art security and is compliant with standards including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA & PCI-DSS

  • Segregated access

    All connections and user access controls are provided outside of the corporate firewall, in a secure, segregated environment

Compliance and Security

I have to say I absolutely love Quatrix, I can’t say that enough. It is so simple to use. I trained a couple of hundred people and there were very few questions. We now use a “train the trainer” system because it is so easy to use.

If we ever require support, Maytech are so quick in responding and keeping us updated. It has been the smoothest, easiest company to work with.

It’s a great product, it’s easy to use, and I’ve never dealt with such an amazing group of people. I am absolutely happy to recommend Maytech and Quatrix.

– HIPAA Compliant File Sharing Customer

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