Mulesoft enables system integration using a visual interface without the need to write code, speeding up the development process and reducing maintenance cycles.

For Maytech’s Quatrix cloud secure file sharing platform, this means that the whole service can be managed and controlled from Mulesoft, building rapid systems integrations to take full advantage of our secure file sharing platform.

Connector flows

The Mulesoft Anypoint connector library contains a list of connectors for use on the Mulesoft Platform. 

This now includes Quatrix, providing access to our secure cloud storage platform for sending and receiving data from third parties, as well as managing the actual platform features.

Features available in the API include:

  • Notifications when sending or receiving files to or from external contacts
  • Sending file requests to contacts for data acquisition
  • Creation of web links for sharing files within applications
  • Retrieval of audit trails detailing records of file sharing actions
  • Granular access controls for users types and folder permissions
  • Custom automations such as file deletions by a certain date
  • PGP Encrypted file sharing
  • SFTP connectivity and access control

Quatrix also provides:

  • Data acquisition directly from an HTTPS web form
  • HTTPS portal to allow users and administrators to log in and manage files
  • IP Restrictions
  • Data residency in a location of your choice
  • Global uncongested network with no file size or bandwidth limits
  • Unlimited contacts for sending and receiving files
  • Customer support via phone, email and live chat

Interested in finding out more about Maytech’s Quatrix platform? See the Quatrix listing in the Anypoint Exchange, or visit the Mulesoft website.

Contact us to take a free trial, request a demo or support you with getting set up.