The easiest way to send files securely online.

That’s the tagline and vision behind our product called Quatrix®. It articulates a marriage between fast file transfer, convenience and flexibility of use, and premium-grade security features. And it embodies our deep conviction that file transfer online can – and should – be both secure and convenient.

To facilitate this reality, Quatrix was built and founded on the following standard operating features:

  • The IT Team
  • Full audit trail and tracking
  • Enterprise security controls
  • Secure file transfers
  • Users ‘jailed’ to home folders

#1 The IT Team

– in a deliberate defiance of the current “bring your own device/bring your own file sharing” culture of many organisations, Quatrix was built to reinstate the IT team as the guardians of enterprise security. Instead of a free-for-all approach to fast file transfer, our product recognises the importance of treating different users differently, and giving IT the power to establish order with regards to file access and user privileges

#2 Full audit trail and tracking

– this feature provides accountability for every single file transaction in the system. The time, date, IP address and user details for every single upload and download are individually identified and recorded. This level of transparency creates immense confidence when transmitting data…not to mention it being a huge deterrent to anyone tempted to engage in unauthorised file transactions.

#3 Enterprise security controls

– e.g data encryption, HIPAA and data residency. Quatrix offers HTTPS encryption in transit, AES 256 encryption at rest and PGP encryption. All of these provide robust layers of security around your data as it traverses across networks, as well as whilst it is being held in storage. Also, for companies in regulated industries, Quatrix enables them to comply with their security and privacy obligations by being HIPAA compliant. And complimenting these is the data residency feature, which enables system administrators to know the exact location of all company data. From a compliance and audit perspective, this is an invaluable feature, as it gives you peace of mind that you can account for all company data.

#4 Secure file transfers

– security is established through features such as password protected links, and link expiry options. Password protected links limit file access only to authorised individuals. . Because a password is required, then even if the link is inadvertently accessed by an unintended recipient, they won’t be able to access it without the password. And should a file be accessed by an unauthorised party, the specific password used to access it will identify the nature and source of the security breach within your company.

Link expiry options ensure that files can only be accessed within a stated period of time. And so it avoids the scenario where a year after a link has been shared via email, someone uses the link to access the file despite not being authorised to. This also allows for an element of urgency and vigilance to be built into each file transaction. In other words, knowing one only has a narrow window of opportunity to take action on a link increases the speed of response to that link. Over time, this practice teaches users of the system to value links to company data, and this mindset will enable them to be more proactive about all forms of company data.

#5 Users ‘jailed’ to home folders

In many ways this is one of the crown jewels of the Quatrix crown. That’s because this feature enables an administrator to specify in microscopic detail the files that each user is allowed to view and access. And so each user is only able to see and access the files that they are authorised to by virtue of their role in the company.

It goes without saying – but bears repeating – that all Quatrix customers receive unique 24/7 support from an ISO 27001 certified, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, G Cloud (Government Procurement Service) Supplier called Maytech…that’s us!

Quatrix represents a restoration of the control of fast file transfer activity back into the hands of the IT administrator. And we’re excited about you trying Quatrix so that you can see for yourself that it really is the easiest way to send files securely online.

Interested in a free trial of Quatrix? Visit the Maytech website and get started in seconds by clicking here now.

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