Last year Digital Marketplace became the new home for G-Cloud – a secure framework for secure government file transfer – and now they’re celebrating their first birthday.

A year on and, along with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), the Digital Marketplace is still providing buyers and suppliers with a singular location to buy world-class digital services. This not only helps to ensure that the public sector are using the right tools, but it’s drastically reduced the time it takes to buy digital services.


What’s Happened in a Year?

Time taken to purchase digital services for the public sector has been reduced from months to days. Not only is this a more efficient system for everyone involved, but it ensures that everything is being done in accordance to government security standards.

The total spend in the last year has been £418 million, that’s 50% of the total spend since the programme was launched in 2013. This total figure has accumulated from 635 suppliers making one or more sales through the Digital Marketplace – 261 of these made their first sale in the last year.

Additionally, 37% of public sector organisations have made their first purchase though the programme in the last year. This growth is largely due to the increased ease in which suppliers of all sizes can now work with the public sector – encouraging more sales.

What’s to Come?

Digital Marketplace is planning on working with CCS to make even more digital and tech frameworks available. In addition to this, there are plans to design these frameworks in a way that makes them highly accessible to the UK public sector market, allowing for new and innovative suppliers to enter the market.

Buyer engagement and education across the public sector and central government will also be a priority. There have been many observations over the last year, helping to identify areas where support is needed and ways that Digital Marketplace can help.

Find Maytech on the Digital Marketplace

One of the frameworks available through the Digital Marketplace is Maytech’s cloud service – a secure government file transfer service. This product has been accredited by CESG for OFFICIAL data and is designed to deliver a high security cloud service to central government departments, executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies.

This service is ideal for public sector bodies who are looking to exchange and share data securely with third parties, not on the PSN. Why not try it for yourself with our free trial?