In 2009, Grossman Marketing Group’s insecure, complicated file sharing systems were causing a lot of headaches for its staff and customers. Since switching to Maytech, customer satisfaction hasn’t been higher.

The pan-US marketing company, which is more than 100 years old, specialises in branding, printing and mailing solutions for a range of customers throughout the country. It works with large brands in the US including AthenaHealth, Columbia University, Harvard University, New York Life and Zipcar, sports teams such as the Celtics and Bruins in Boston and a string of not-for-profit organisations.

“We offer design, commercial printing, direct mail services, signage and banners, promotional products, as well as custom online corporate stores,” explains Grossman Creative Director Vernon Ellis.

“For a lot of our clients we act as a one-stop shop for all their marketing and branding needs. We have a large warehouse and provide online services for companies who need an easy way for sales people to order their promotional materials wherever they are. All the fulfillment happens here.”

Grossman Marketing Group upheld their ‘century of excellence’ when they switched from their in house solution to Maytech in 2009, building customer confidence and saving the business time and money.

Our Customers Demanded the Best

With a range of services on offer and a host of big name brands demanding a high-quality service, Grossman needs to exhibit quality in everything it does. But, until 2009, this wasn’t being reflected in its FTP system.

Brands wanting to send and receive large files had to run a gauntlet of third-party file transfer services. Instructions on how to send data were too complex and customers would complain that the service was confusing and hard to use.

Worse still, entering the system meant having access to all the files sent by all of Grossman’s clients, meaning anyone could see anyone else’s work in progress. The situation quickly became untenable and Grossman sought out an alternative solution that would resolve these issues.

“We were always walking people through it on the phone,” says Vernon. “Once people got to where they needed to be, there were all these files just sitting there. They could see who our clients were and could have downloaded sensitive information – though thankfully no one did.”

Switching was a no brainer

Compared to that set-up, transferring to the Maytech platform was a no-brainer. In 2009 Grossman Marketing Group made the switch to Maytech’s FTP-Stream service. The process took a couple of months; time mainly devoted the creation of a bespoke, whitelabelled widget interface. Maytech took care to understand the business’ needs and adopted a flexible approach to implementation. “There was a lot of back and forth about our criteria because we wanted to make sure we had the right tools this time around.”

Maytech offered plenty of expertise and gave recommendations for every decision we had to make.

– Vernon Ellis, Creative Director – Grossman Marketing

Grossman Marketing Group has been a fan of Maytech’s ever since the switch and Vernon says the new system is a perfect fit for the business. It creates business efficiencies, he says, and saves money while enhancing the businesses brand with simple delivery – a major bonus in a competitive market where points of difference are everything.

Keeping clients on side

Back in 2009, a handful of Grossman’s valued clients expressed concern because, as Vernon puts it, “our system was wide open”. It was a particular problem for companies with sensitive data that absolutely must be kept under wraps, such as law firms and pharmaceutical companies.

FTP-Stream is easy for employees and clients to access and use through Grossman’s website, but it keeps out prying eyes. Clients input a few security details, upload the file and press ‘send’. An email is delivered to the team with a simple url, which can be forwarded to other people working on the project.
“It has made us a lot more professional because we no longer require a third party system, nor do we have our own ‘scotch tape and bubble gum’ effort. Because it’s so intuitive for the customer they want to use it over consumer services like Hightail and Box.”

But it’s not just the system that has Vernon singing Maytech’s praises; it’s also the help on-hand: “Another really wonderful thing about Maytech is the customer service. If we have ever had an issue or needed anything, they have responded immediately.”

The customer service is better than anyone else we deal with; it’s really wonderful.

– Vernon Ellis, Creative Director – Grossman Marketing

So now to the key question: would Vernon recommend Maytech to a friend? “I would definitely recommend it,” he says. “The customer service is wonderful; it’s fast and since we developed the system everything has been really smooth.

“It saves time across the board and I think it has saved us a lot of money too. It cuts out the need to deal with bandwidth, storage and maintenance, so we can focus on what we do best. It’s easy and it has helped us to retain customers – what more can you ask for?”

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