At Maytech we never stop innovating, so it’s with great pleasure we’re announcing the latest evolution of our growing product range: Quatrix®.

Quatix is for organisations that crave a no-nonsense data-transfer service which is fast and secure, because it marries these two essential elements with a near-religious focus. Security and Simplicity are our gods.

It means Quatrix users get the sort of stringent security standards demanded by modern IT departments coupled with a level of usability that can be mastered by the average domesticated moggy. So Brian in marketing should be fine with it too.

Of course, you get all the great ingredients of Maytech’s file exchange expertise.

So from an Admin point of view, Quatrix offers:

  1. Full white-labelling – corporate branding
  2. Full administrative control – comprehensive tracking, setting goals around the data, and limiting users

And from a user’s perspective, Quatrix enables sending and receiving files securely from simple web forms with no IT knowledge required – even the CEO could do it. Users also get a unique ‘share to me’ button to make sending and receiving files that much easier.

It’s a step forward for secure file transfer and it puts the user firmly in the driving seat. Maytech’s chief executive John Lynch says it is the perfect professional replacement for consumer grade file transfer services…which have crept into many businesses and can pose information security threats.

“Quatrix offers consumer-grade usability with enterprise level security and controls. It provides a platform for IT managed file sharing that is simple to setup and roll out.”

“This is a real game-changer and provides welcome relief for technology managers who are worried about the security of easy-to-access file sharing sites like Dropbox and Hightail (formerly YouSendIt).

“Now they have the option of a solution that is easy to introduce to the office, but also comes with the sort of protections and controls IT managers increasingly demand.”

Quatrix is available right now. You can try it free for 14 days by calling us to arrange a demo or visiting the Maytech website. Just click here now to get started.

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