Firstly, thank you so much to all our customers who took the time out to fill in our annual customer survey.

The average completion time was 4 min and 12 seconds – we hugely appreciate you taking this time out of busy schedules to share your thoughts.

Some of the key takeouts are shared below, and our team will follow up with individual respondents regarding specific feedback in the next week.

96% of customers would, or have recommended Maytech

While we love to hear great feedback, the thing we most appreciate is how many respondents recommend us. 

This year is no exception, with 96% of you saying they would, or already have recommended Maytech and we’re honored and humbled to receive this endorsement.


100% endorsement for support and customer service

We believe customer service is so often overlooked in SaaS products. 

At Maytech, we care deeply about the customer experience, working hard to ensure our team can answer your support queries quickly and in person.

We are delighted that 100% of customers who spoke to our staff found them to be knowledgeable about our products, going the extra mile to help them. Well done to the team on this exceptional feedback!

Customer Voice 2021

77% of customers want to know more about our new Quatrix automation module

We’re very excited about the new Quatrix automation module. Due to launch soon, it allows simple and secure connectivity and creation of robust workflows across third party cloud data providers, on-premise and SFTP endpoints.

We’re even more excited that 77% of respondents were interested in finding out how it will be able to help them govern, control and manage their critical data pipelines.

Human error is still the biggest security concern for Maytech customers

Maytech customers shared their 3 biggest security concerns when sharing sensitive data, with similar results to last year.

Human error, the biggest concern again this year, is addressed by our “simple and secure” approach. By limiting the number of configurations available and providing clear and easy to use administrative and user controls, it’s a lot harder for users to inadvertently share sensitive data.

The biggest change in concern was a slight reduction in the % of customers reporting weak software security configuration to be the most concerning threat.

Insider threats remained the lowest concern, but with a slight increase in this year’s customer survey.

Three risks

Further feedback is always welcome

Your ongoing feedback is invaluable in helping us measure our customer experience, understand more about how you use our products, discover product features you’d like to see and of course uncover areas where we can continually improve.

So thank-you for your invaluable feedback, and if you have any more comments or feature requests, we’re here and ready to listen:

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