The reason the Tortoise beat the Hare was not down to the slow-moving reptile’s dogged determination but rather the Hare’s complacency. The problem for the Hare was he had no one pushing him so he stopped running.

Fortunately for fast file transfer the world of business never stops trying to be quicker so at Maytech we never stop running. We never stop innovating so our customers never have to labour with ageing file transfer methods and defunct speed in an ever-evolving technological world.

Maytech operate a high-speed, uncongested secure global data network housed in Tier 3 data centres with hubs in London, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and Dubai, all brought together by massively fast fibre optic links for quick access worldwide.

Fibre optic being the fastest mode of transport for data over the internet, withthe study Measuring Broadband America – February 2013 reporting the following typical Internet connection latencies:

  1. Fibre optic: 18 ms
  2. Cable Internet: 26 ms
  3. DSL: 44 ms
  4. Satellite Internet: 638 ms

Customers’ data is stored at their selected locations and can also be replicated, to any other hub, for accelerated global file exchange and additional resilience. Hence we are able to offer our customers fast folder mirroring speeds that are up to 100-times faster than the public internet and global file transfers that are always local and always fast.

So let’s say you were based in Washington DC and you needed fast file transfer to Singapore. Instead of making the full trek across America and the North Pacific Ocean your files could be replicated between Maytech’s New York and Hong Kong data centres and only need to make the final, much shorter, leg of the journey from Hong Kong to its destination in Singapore at the speed of the recipients’ internet.

What’s more, as we are one of the only players in the market to have no file size limits and completely unlimited data transfer, we can get your big data where it needs to be quickly and securely over the internet saving you the arduous task of having to send by courier.

We’re talking file sizes from GBs to TBs of rich media content, databases, disk images, social data and even huge log files that would usually have to be loaded onto external hard drives and sent to the receiver by air, sea and road over the course of days.

For example, we have a well-known customer who transfers files from UK to China, Maytech’s products have cut his end to end data transfer times from 24 hours to 1.5 hours making his business sustainable.

It’s this type of efficiency at delivering fast file transfer that ensures we are never caught napping like the Hare and keeps the Tortoises of rival file sharing products, consumer-grade services and physical delivery well behind us in the race to transfer your files the fastest.


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