As a segregated, secure platform, Quatrix removes the need to open the corporate firewall or provide access to internal systems for external users, greatly reducing the risk of data loss.

Project Folders is a feature of Quatrix which acts as a “secure data room”, where groups of internal and external users can collaborate in a secure environment by sending, receiving and storing sensitive information.

How the new granular sub-folder permissions work

When an admin or pro user creates a Project Folder, they grant permissions for the relevant users. Initially all users had the same access to all files and subfolders within a Project Folder.

This update now applies the principles of zero-trust to subfolders as well as folders, so that users are only permitted to upload, download, move or delete files within specific folders when they need to do so, enabling more secure and sophisticated workflows.

An example of how customers are using the new permissions

The new, more granular permissions allow Administrators or Pro users to define custom permissions for users across all sub-folders in a project folder.

For example, collaboration with a specific external third party might be set up with “incoming”, “outgoing” and “archived” folders. External users can be given permissions to upload to the “incoming” folder and download from the “outgoing” folder, whereas internal users can upload files to “outgoing” and download files from “incoming”.

Only admin and pro users have access to “archived” files, which files may be automatically moved to after a specified time period.

Benefits of using the new folder permissions

The added flexibility allows customers to achieve a closer match to predefined manual and automated processes.

But importantly, it provides a more robust zero-trust security posture, providing only the permissions required to complete pre-authorised tasks and segregating users within Project Folders.

Combined with the use of the Jailed User class which restricts access to specific shared Project Folders and makes all other Quatrix features unavailable, it provides a highly secure environment to exchange files with external third parties.

Read more about Project Folders in our Quatrix User Guide.