Precise centralised control over who can access your files is incredibly important for enterprises and other organisations that operate sensitive information.

Last summer, we introduced SSO / ADFS integrations: once activated, it enforces your employees to sign in merely with your company credentials.

With a newly released IP restriction feature, you can manage the IPs that are allowed to access Quatrix®, so that only users with authorized IP addresses can log in.

The feature sticks to the whitelist principle, meaning that only IP addresses you enlist are able to access Quatrix.

Why do you need to restrict IP addresses?

Prevent unwanted access and lower the risk of attack by limiting user access to a specific IP address or a range of IP addresses. Quatrix safeguards your system by enabling administrators to easily add, change, or remove IP address in the whitelist for the account.

How can I enable IP restriction?

The Quatrix IP restriction can be activated by admin or account owner. To do this:

1. Enter the Quatrix “Administration”.

2. Switch to Service Settings tab.

3. Check the box “IP restriction”.

4. Add the wanted IP addresses to the input field appeared on the right.

5. Click “Save” to save your changes.

Click the gif to watch in full size.

You can easily change or remove these settings any time you need. Contact our support team in case any questions arise.

What’s next?

IP restriction is one of many tools in Quatrix security arsenal, which, are developed to enhance secure access to your data. Other options to intensify your data security include two-factor authentication, PIN protection, PGP encryption, locking SFTP homes, and setting file download expiration.

Interested in learning more about our secure file sharing features? Get your SSO / ADFS integrations for free.