Today, millions of people use SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams. Sharepoint has been around for more than two decades. It’s primarily used like an internal Website for document storage and management, collaboration, and to broadcast information to employees. 

However, there are many use cases for SharePoint. And often, information that is being stored in SharePoint needs to be shared externally. The same could be said for OneDrive. 

Using OneDrive for external file sharing comes with its own complexities from a control and security perspective. Organisations can end up with a messy situation because so many files and folders have been shared without adequate policy control. As sharing mistakes becomes more common, more of an organisation’s information is at risk

Due to the nature of how Sharepoint is malleable and use can vary from one company to another, it’s not that uncommon to see data sitting in a SharePoint library that needs to get transferred to an external party such as a bank, HR provider, ERP system, etc. Ideally, an automated process to select the right data and ultimately transfer to the desired external partner.

Quatrix provides a layer of segmentation and security between external endpoints and Sharepoint sites. You can set up workflows to copy, move, or synchronise files on a scheduled basis directly from a SharePoint library or folder. You then have explicit control of the distribution of the files. Distribute person to person or in an automated way.

SharePoint and Quatrix

Quatrix also has an easy-to-use OneDrive connector. We see numerous organisations these days wanting a more boutique and personal file-sharing solution. Read this article to learn more about how a global fashion house limited their risks around external file sharing by deploying Quatrix Enterprise wide.

Takeaway – Quatrix can help you control data distribution from Sharepoint, limit your risk by centralising connections and data flow, set in advance dates for data delivery or expiration dates and more.

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For more information about setting up a Sharepoint connection using Quatrix see this information: Knowledge Base – Setting up a file transfer between Quatrix and SharePoint/OneDrive.

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