“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

The data transfer industry has been dramatically transformed in the last few years. Businesses used to use old, clunky FTP sites when Dropbox transformed the market with its simple file sharing package. And the inevitable happened…employees were revolting against the old and wanted new and shiny.

The only problem…security. The new and shiny had nice, simple user interfaces and although great for transferring holiday photos to friends they were wholly unsuitable for businesses needing secure transfer tools.

And that’s why Maytech created Quatrix® . A simple, user-friendly file sharing platform underpinned by security, and managed by IT.

Quatrix has end-to-end encryption and optional built in browser PGP encryption (we even beat Google on this one) as well as admin provisioning rights and full user audit trails. It is also built by Maytech, whose Information Security Management Systems are ISO 27001 certified and services are soon to be PGA (Pan Government Accredited) for Official and Official Sensitive data with connection to both the internet and the UK Public Services Network. Finally, all products are classed as Enterprise Ready by Skyhigh®.

What’s more, we know how essential data residency is. That’s why you choose your server location to know exactly where your data is being stored.

To test the perfect combination between the controls and audit trails that are required by IT teams and the ease of use demanded by users, start your 14 day free trial of Quatrix now.

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