Imagine one day leaving for work and, as you close the front door behind you, discovering that someone has graffitied in red spray paint all over the face of your home – door, windows, paintwork, roof, the lot.

You’d be more than a little worried, right?

Now imagine that on closer inspection discovering to your horror that the graffiti depicts your darkest secrets; exactly the sort of stuff that you don’t want neighbours, kids and random passers-by reading up on.

Secure File Sharing Problem

It’s not a situation any of us are likely to face in the real world; but what about the virtual one? Businesses send sensitive, often mission-critical, files to each other every day, and not always in the most secure of circumstances.

Allow that data to fall into the wrong hands and your business could be looking at a level 10 graffitied house scenario – or similar.

Many executives still resort to the quick fix of a consumer grade data service like Dropbox, YouSendIt or Hightail, which from an enterprise security point of view is a bit like jotting a note on a paper aeroplane and tossing it out of the window.

There are two elements to secure data transfer that all serious businesses need to adopt: one is being secure, the other showing that you are secure so that clients, partners and suppliers trust you enough to sign on the dotted line.

Secure File Sharing Solution

Control is of utmost importance when it comes to secure file sharing, and, luckily, Maytech gives it to you in spades. With Quatrix® from Maytech IT heads can easily comply with data security and compliance standards as well as adhere to corporate information security policies.

Quatrix has simple administration, easy roll-out, easy setup and guaranteed user take up with enterprise-level security standards.

For extra peace of mind, businesses can layer on encryption and enhanced security options tailored to each individual firm’s level of risk.

The flexible and scalable solution integrates with your core systems without fuss and our white label offering means you can even use your own brand. That takes care of the “we take security seriously” fanfare too.

If you’re interested in a custom secure data transfer file sharing solution from Maytech, get in touch today.