Maytech has a huge asset in our customer service team. Dedicated, knowledgeable and professional, the feedback we receive from customers squarely places this as a key reason they choose Maytech, and then go on to recommend us once they become a customer.

Given how important this is to our business, we aim to continually deliver world class customer service across the board.

Read on to find out how we deliver on that promise:

1. Providing Knowledgeable & Responsive Pre-Sales

Our team works day in and day out with new customer enquiries. Because we know our products inside out, we’re able to provide quick answers to prospective customer questions, saving time and demonstrating confidence in our solutions.

2. Responsive Day-to-Day Support

Contact us by email, phone or live chat and you will receive an immediate response from a professional and knowledgeable colleague who will be able to answer any questions you might have. For some of our customers, we also handle end user support, including provisioning and technical queries, taking the burden away from in-house IT support.

3. Proactive Account Management

All of your enquiries are kept together, so we have a history of your communications with us, allocating you to the same individual where possible, avoiding the need to repeat yourself. Since we monitor usage and account resources, we’ll contact you to discuss if you reach your account limits to avoid service disruption.

4. Encouraging & Listening to Feedback

Far from resting on our laurels, we continually listen to customers. Inside the product is a feedback link for all users, and we request feedback once per year in our annual customer survey. While it’s always good to hear positive feedback, hearing about any areas for improvement is even better.

5. Accommodating Development Requests

Maytech has developed a variety of features and solutions to meet the specific needs of individual customers, rolling these out to all customers where we see it adds value. We’re always willing to discuss how we can better meet the needs of our customers and are always intrigued by the different ways in which our customers user it.

6. Providing Timely Communications

As we evolve the product and develop our infrastructure there will be changes that will need to be rolled out. We send communications to all customers well in advance of any scheduled maintenance which would affect service availability (a very rare occurrence, typically for a short period of time during off-peak hours) or any new features they may wish to take advantage of.

7. Promoting User Adoption

While one of the main benefits of using our file sharing solutions is that users find them intuitive and easy to use, we can provide remote training for groups of users, which is available on request. Users can also find guides and software download links directly in the platform.

8. Speaking to a Real Human

This one goes without saying. We’ve heard some horror stories from customers who have waited days or weeks to have tickets eventually answered by stock responses before moving away from their existing supplier. Here at Maytech, we’re always just a phone call away.

9. Going Over and Above

We recently communicated to customers about a change to one of our products which removed deprecated cryptographic ciphers for security reasons. The feedback we received from a small number of customers was that this would break their software solution due to relying on this cypher and it would take some time to update it. Rather than roll it out regardless, we created an isolated instance of our product for them which included the deprecated cipher until they could update their software, removing it from the remainder of our customer base who were unaffected by the change.

10. Genuinely Caring

Our team genuinely cares about the success of our customers in using Maytech’s solutions, which comes across in the feedback we receive. Without this, we wouldn’t be able to provide the world-class customer service our customers have come to expect.

We offer a 14-Day Free Trial, during which time our team will make contact to find out more about your use case and be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the product.